Why am i asked questions about Foreign Militaries and Military Equipment?

General Motors Upfitter Integration is required by definition of ITAR (International Trafficking of Arms Regulation) to insure that the information and material being provided is not for use in any way pertaining to defense and military related technologies.

Does GM Upfitter Integration have a list of recommended aftermarket systems?

GM and/or Upfitter Integration does not recommend any after-market systems, as these systems are NOT tested nor validated by General Motors and therefore their operational characteristic cannot be attested to. Upfitter Integration at times will acknowledge the use of these systems, and their manufacturer, but again provides no recommendation or guidance to their usage. Additionally any Specialty Vehicle Manufacturer (SVM) or Upfitter must also remember that they assume all risks, responsibilities and liabilities when using any after-market device. Use of the device becomes a component of the vehicle final assembly and therefore the SVMs or Upfitters to validate and warrant.

How can we be informed of any mechanical and electrical changes that are being made for each model year?

GM Upfitter Integration performs the due diligence to publish a revised Body Builders Manual each model year. This information is made available via our website at the earliest possible time relative to a vehicle's start of regular production. We utilize the most up to date information at the time of vehicle production. GM Upfitter Integration recommends that SVMs or Upfitters perform a review of their interfacing systems each model year to insure that no changes have occurred that would impact their vehicle's subsystems. We, GM Upfitter Integration, throughout the model year become aware of changes that could impact some SVMs or Upfitters and their subsystems, and for those changes we publish Technical Bulletins providing details of the change and any vehicle applications to which the change impacts. These at times include production dates and or VIN breaks.

How can we get copies of the Incomplete Vehicle Document?

Generic NON-VIN specific INCOMPLETE VEHICLE DOCUMENTS (IVDs) for the 2015 and 2016 model year vehicles are now available online. You can find these documents along with the applicable model year Body Builders Manuals.

Where can I get information regarding installing and connecting Power Take-Offs?

For the most comprehensive information on Power Take-Off installation, please refer to Bulletin #80 on our Technical Bulletins page. GM UPFITTER - Technical Bulletins

Can I relocate the Catalytic Converter?

Relocation of the Catalytic Converter is not recommended. The position or location of the device was engineered to work in conjunction with the vehicle emission control system and to meet any and all Federal, State and Local standards.

Can an Exhaust (Jake) Brake be installed on a vehicle?

Exhaust brakes can be installed in a variety of vehicle applications, simply submit an inquiry through the “Contact Us”. A list of parts and instructions will be provided for applicable vehicles.

Can GM UI transfer math data to SVMs or Upfitters via email or use of a FTP site?

The GM intranet firewall software will not permit math data transactions via email nor to a FTP site. Math Data requests through GM UI primarily will go out on CD via Fed Ex or transferred electronically via Auto Web. Unless specified 3D math files are in STEP & Parasolid formats for use with professional 3D solid modeling CAD programs. 3D solid modeling software is required to open files and manipulate data. The 2D BBM data CDs are General Arrangement Body Builder drawings in .DWG Auto-Cad friendly format.

Due to file size, manpower & build combination complexity issues, various math data sub-assemblies may not be combined with other related math files. Please refer to the GM online BBM for positioning math data sub-assemblies with others requested on GM UI CDs.

Can my non - RPO VYU (Snow Plow Prep) C/K Truck be fitted with a Snow Plow? And what's the max size/weight of Snow Plow (with hardware) that can be used?

Your vehicle may be able to handle a Snow Plow whether or not it is equipped with RPO VYU� (Snow Plow Prep). See the GM UI BBM Special Applications Snow Plow Prep� Section for info on Snow Plow installations, GVWR and Snow Plow & Equipment weight metrics. In addition, use the weight calc feature (max weight/plow assembly & permanently mounted hardware) on the GM FLEET & COMMERCIAL Online Order Guide for max front available payload calculation. (See next question for Weight Calc feature instructional). Also, see your snow Plow Manufacturer for blade size/width recommendations for your GM Truck model.

How can I determine the Max Curb Weight, Front and Rear available Payload, etc. of my vehicle?

Please use GM FLEET & COMMERCIAL `Weight Calc' feature for help determining approximate vehicle weights and available payload. The weight calculator is part of our GM FLEET & COMMERCIAL Online Order Guide. Follow steps for use:

Select blue button labeled "Fleet" in upper left hand corner
Select "Online Order Guide"(second column from left)
Select Year
Select the Division you are interested in by clicking on the Logo
Select Model from drop down box(right Column)
Select "Model and Option Weights" (bottom of Column on left)
Select "Weight Calculator" (middle)
Spec out truck(per RPO) and it calculates front, rear & total weight estimates

Where can I find Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR) for my vehicle?

General GCWR info can be found at your local GM Truck dealer for current models. Past and Current Model Powertrain specific model GVWR info can be requested though the GM UI “Contact Us option.

Where can I find `Frame Section Dimensional Data, Sectional Modulus, and Yield Strength & RBM' specs for GM trucks?

Please use GM FLEET & COMMERCIAL Online Order Guide for Frame Section dimensional, Sectional Modulus, Yield Strength & RBM specs.
Follow steps for use:

Select blue button labeled "Fleet" in upper left hand corner
Select "Online Order Guide"(second column from left)
Select Year
Select the Division you are interested in by clicking on the Logo
Select Model from drop down box(right Column)
Select "Standard Equipment" (top of Column on left)
Select the word "Frame" on Standard Equipment listing
Review frame specs

Why does the installed after-market Back-up Alarm on a Full Size Pick-up or Cab Chassis sound when exiting the vehicle?

The back-up lamps come on with perimeter lighting and key fob acknowledgement and as a result Back-up Alarms utilizing the reverse lamp circuit to activate are in turn activated when the lamps are activated with the perimeter lighting feature. To avoid operation upon entry and exit from the vehicle, there are two options:

Reprogram the Body Control Module (BCM) to include a calibration with the Option Code of SFW. This suppresses the perimeter lighting feature when exiting the vehicle
Install an Ignition controlled relay which is activate with the ignition in the RUN mode

Refer to the applicable model year Body Builder Manual Electrical for more information
GM UPFITTER - Body Builder Manuals