Incomplete Vehicle Documents

For every General Motors Incomplete Vehicle, a VIN specific label is generated at the vehicle assembly site and attached to the front of the Incomplete Vehicle Document package for that specific vehicle. The GM Upfitter Integration group can provide an electronic copy of the generic (non VIN Specific) IVD for the requested vehicle; however, they cannot regenerate the label that was installed at the assembly site.

Labels attached to the VIN specific IVDs are regulatory compliant, and must be regenerated by General Motors Engineering.

We, GM Upfitter Integration, will submit on your behalf a request for VIN specific IVDs. Please note these requested documents are mailed via United States Postal Service to the requester’s attention and provided address.

Typical receipt timing of the documents is 5 to 7 business days.

For VIN Specific IVDs, please submit a request via Contact Us.

Please be sure to include the vehicle model/year in the appropriate fields on the form, and the VIN for those VIN specific requests.
To find applicable generic IVDs select the appropriate information from the pull down menu for a specific search.

Incomplete Vehicle Documents